It's A Lifestyle

As a Canadian prairie family, we love to get our hands dirty and watch things grow. Time and patience and a whole lot of love goes into every step, from planting a seed to teaching you how to make your own herbal products. It is our mission to help you enjoy Gardening, Wellness, and Home Decor in your everyday life.
Everyone has to start somewhere! Ideally I would love to have my own brick and mortar shop today, but until then you will see me mostly on Social Media.
I research for literally hours and sometimes weeks when considering a product to purchase or to share with you. I want the best for my family, and the best for you and your family.

About Robbyn - Head Crafter :)

(The below are not in order as they happened)

  • In the last 4 yrs I have spent more than 3,500 hrs taking herbal courses and learning about herbs & wild flowers.

  • I have a strong passion for herbal remedies and connecting with plants and enjoy the mutualistic relationship we can have with them.  I enjoy teaching and helping people learn.

  • I have been homeschooling my children for 10+ years and embrace the lifestyle that comes with including my children in everything I do.

  • Enjoy singing and playing my guitar or Uke ( just for fun).

  • Worked 2 1/2 yrs in the Canadian Forces Reserves as a Medical Assistant.

  • Completed a Business Degree in Marketing, and in Administration.

  • Completed Hairstyling School and worked in 5 different salons in 3 different provinces in 5 different cities. (also won 3rd place in Skills Canada Manitoba for men's cut & colour, and 1st place in my school Fantasy competition).

  • Completed 1 yr of Nursing, and 1 yr of Bible College.

  • Throughout my life I have volunteered/worked with numerous non profits and Bible camps including : Union Gospel Mission (Kitchen, Clothing Room, Church Service), Salvation Army (Singing group at Stoney Mountain Prison, Christmas Kettles, Camp Counselor, Handed out soup & sandwiches to the hungry, checked back alleys for those who were cold living on the streets), Youth For Christ (Belayed for kids on the climbing wall), Operation Mobalization (Shared Christ and resources with young woman who were taken from their families and forced to live in another country as servants to wealthy families), Camp Arnes (Camp Couselor, Helped with adults & children with special needs, taught rec in climbing, canoe, and kyak),  Regina Rescue Mission (Cooked for the hungry, treated transients for headlice and gave new hair cuts),  Moose Jaw YMCA Day Camps, Event Coordinator for MooseStock Youth event,  and many many smaller groups and churches.

What can I say, I LOVE to LEARN and I love to HELP people.

I also love to travel. I have visited (or lived ): Germany, England, Scotland, Wales, USA, France, Italy, Switzerland, Monaco, and a few Canadian Provinces (Ontario, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta, British Columbia). I would love to visit many others countries/ provinces some day.

What I love about Saskatchewan:

One of the first things you will notice when you come to this province is the wide open sky. It is breathtaking when you are out on the open road or field. I love the ocean, and miss it some days, but the sky on some cloudy days really reminds me of the ocean. Other days it is pristine and clear like a crystal calm lake. God has blessed us with finding a home we could afford with a beautiful view of Saskatchewan's rolling hills. I love to sit out on the deck and just breathe and take it all in. If I ever have time to paint, I want to paint the beautiful sunsets I see out here.

About Wayne - My Top Support Staff :)

More on my husband Wayne later...